An exclusive experience

More and more foreign visitors to Japan are buying tea ceremony sets as souvenirs.

At our company, you can learn the basics of tea ceremony, learn about etiquette and culture, how to use and store the tools, and how to care for them, and you can learn by brewing your own tea using real tea utensils.

I will teach you directly.
Why not try a unique matcha experience during your stay in Japan?
You can learn traditional culture quietly and enjoyably.

About our tea utensils

・Considering that most of our users are female, we will provide tea utensils that match our company's image for you to use.
・Shape = The shape of a typical matcha bowl
・Pattern = Colors and patterns that incorporate typical colors and the four seasons of Japan
・Size = Large, medium, and small sizes.
・Material: Clay and glass.
You can choose only one matcha bowl per experience.

Restrictions on the ratio of male and female participants

There will be safety restrictions.

Since the organizer will be visiting alone, the number of participants will be limited to 1 to 4 if there are only female participants.
Or, if there are 4 people including female participants, 3 women and 1 man, or 2 women and 1 man, or 1 woman and 1 man.
Please make reservations in these combinations.